Jack Holland

Position: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Jack Holland a.k.a “Jucy J”, “JJ Dude”, or “Sugar Jack” was raised among musicians whom shaped his skill and love for music. Music was woven in the walls of his childhood home; the living room had a 1960’s champagne gold Gretsch drum set beside the couch. It faced a TV that was perched atop a Hammond chord organ. Old armchairs framed a big bass amp while microphones stood in one corner and a piano graced the other. It was within this room that the group embarked on their musical journey together in 1998. Their ‘440 W. Cook’ album, released in 2019, pays homage to the home where it all began. Over time, the group grew in size as new friends were invited to jam, thus becoming “Sneezy” as they are known today. When Jack is not dedicating his time towards music, he can be found embarking on other creative journeys that include painting, digital media, and customizing his guitars.